Sugar Skulls


On Thursday we designed our own sugar skulls for the day of the dead in Mexico. The day of the dead is a day that is celebrated in Mexico, They believe at midnight on October 31st the gates to heaven open and spirits reunite with there families for 24 hours. Sugar skulls are one the most popular symbols for the day of the dead. They are designed with patterns, flowers, swirls, different shapes and ETC.

This is my sugar skull!

This is my sugar skull!

sugarskull sugskull

Our expo!

On Tuesday at our school we showed our Inquiry to all of our parents, friends and family. My group was talking about Bio Energy. We had lot s of people come and visit our display. All of the groups had to have an experiment, My experiment was an electro magnet. Some other people’s topics were hydro power, coal, nuclear, renewable, gas, wind, solar power, potential energy, oil and geothermal. We had been working on our inquiry for about 6 weeks and every body learnt something new. We presented our work to the rest of the school, Once we had seen the rest of the 5/6s work, we had to do a task called a jigsaw puzzle. On our jigsaw puzzle every piece was talking about a different energy source.

On the night of the expo my group had a model of a bio-gas plant, a smore, an experiment, the 6 biomass resources and a did you know box.

I learnt that Bio Energy is made from biomass and it is a renewable resource. In Australia there are 139 bio gas stations:

  • QLD = 43
  • NSW = 37
  • VIC = 28
  • WA = 15
  • SA = 8
  • TAS = 4
  • ACT = 3
  • NT = 1

There are 6 main biomass resources:

  1. Sewage
  2.  Animal residues
  3. Industrial residues
  4. Agricultural crops and residues
  5. Municipal solid waste
  6. Forestry crops and residues


Bioenergy fotor



week 6 Reflection

This week we have been working on art responses for book week. The books we read were The Stone Lion & Scary Night. We have responded by sketching The Stone Lion and telling people about what we learnt from the story, I learnt that you should always help others even if no one likes you and no one is going to reward you for it, I also learnt that to have friends you must always be kind, loving & have courage. This book tells a great life story and a great life lesson.

The other book we read was Scary Night. Scary night is a great story book  about 3 friends, Hare with a Hat, Cat with a Cake & Pig with a Parcel, going on a journey somewhere through the night. This book shows that friendship means everything. Our art response for this book was to recreate a page from the book by painting and using paper to create hills and make trees, a moon & the characters. From this book i learnt how to do different affects and strategies in art, The things we painted with were chux, corks & paintbrushes we also just randomly ripped the paper to make hill shapes. The way we used the cork was by stamping and mounuvering it in different ways, We used the chux by stamping and dabing it on our paper.

This week we have also decimals we have been focusing on rounding off and adding and Subtracting. This week I have mainly revised how to do these things. The biggest thing to remember while adding and subtracting is the decimal point always stays the SAME.

the stone liondecimal_place_value_chart-to_the_thousandthsscarynight

Week 5 term 3

During this week, the Hawthorn football came back, We learnt about what football players diets and nutrition and how they keep themselves fit. We also learnt some skills like Hand balling,  Goal kicking and how to mark a ball (marking is catching the ball with out it bouncing).

We also learnt about commas  and how they are used, I learnt That commas separate parts of sentences, or make a short pause in a long sentence, I also learnt That the last item in a list is usually joined with ‘and’ instead of a comma.

In maths we were learning about decimals again, We learnt about a new thing called a Decimat. A Decimat is a box of one whole Broken up into 9 10 tenths, 9 hundredths and 10 thousandths we played lots of games and did lots of activities.

We have also been continuing our inquiry, The topic we are working on is Energy, I am looking at the form Bio energy. I am working in a group with one other person. Towards the end of the term we are having a big expo, this means everyone will have a big display, on my display we will have a model, smore, poster and an experiment.  Printdecimathawks


Week 4 term 3

This week we have had a very busy week. On Monday we had a program called Hawks in Schools Program. We were taught about nutrition, physical education and  hydration. Something I learnt was that children should drink 5 glasses of water a day and adults should drink 8. I also learnt that our body is made up of 50-75% of water. The last thing I learnt was that you should eat 5 pieces vegetables and 2 pieces of fruit a day.

For maths this week we have been learning about decimals. I learnt how to pronounce decimals properly (say the name not the number) and how to convert a decimal number into a fraction.
For English we learnt how to do complex sentences. A complex sentences must have two clauses, A subordinate and main.
E.G: The dog went to the park but when it returned home it was very muddy.
On Thursday it was the preps 100 days at school. To celebrate the year six’s bought a shared lunch to enjoy with there buddy’s and friends.
hawks     Decimals  100

My first week back!

My first week back has been amazing. We have started working on lots of things like chance and data. Some activities we did, were played  games like beetle, first to one hundred and horse race chance and data. For our Inquiry unit we are working Energy, I am looking at the topic Bio energy, Some other topics people are working on are coal, climate change, solar, batteries, wind, fossil fuels, water, oil and much, much more. For our writing we are doing a thing called writers notebook, my topic is about my time in Disneyland. We all have to read a novel and then write a book report about the novel after we have finished, during the process of reading we have to take notes, The novel I am reading is called the Fault in our stars.


Fashion design

Fashion design is a type of designing, including clothes, hats, scarves, gloves, shoes etc. Some of the top designer brands like Gucci, Chanel, Prada, Armani, Raulph Lauren, Dior and lots more are very expensive and you can only find them in bigger and more classy places. Many people think that fashion is only for women but its actually for men and children as well.  Fashion design has changed over time. Designers attempt to design clothes that are functional and pretty at the same time. c42f2721a52e268fc306e96a72ea7430            Get-Your-Own-Style-from-Fashion-Designing-Sketches12

Snakes and Ladders

Snakes and ladders is an ancient Indian board game about chance, skills, observation and  luck. The game has no recorded date of invention but it dates back to the 1600s. The game made its way to England and was sold as snakes and ladders and then was introduced as chutes and ladders. It’s original name was leela. The playing time varies from 15-45 minutes. You can have two+ players playing at one time with people aged 3+.

One of the first Snakes and Ladders board games.

One of the first Snakes and Ladders board games.

My references of my information and photos:

About me

Hi, my name is Mietta I am 11 years old. I do Irish dancing and netball. I love to read and play with my dog. My favourite subjects are English, History and Art. I always love to try new things and help others,

At school I am in a group called the Social Justice group. There are four other people in my group, We do things for charities and raise awareness for current affairs around the world. During the Lenten period we are doing a fundraiser called Hope for Happy Feet, we raise money for the children in Vietnam and the money we raise buys pair’s of shoes and socks, One  pair costs $5.00!


hello everyone,

Today I put a photo of this book on my blog because it is my favourite book of all time. It is a great book about a boy who went on a journey to try and stay alive find work and to find a family, This book is a sad story set during World War 1 and after. I would definitely recommend this book.

Thanks for reading Mietta.

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