March 2015 archive

About me

Hi, my name is Mietta I am 11 years old. I do Irish dancing and netball. I love to read and play with my dog. My favourite subjects are English, History and Art. I always love to try new things and help others,

At school I am in a group called the Social Justice group. There are four other people in my group, We do things for charities and raise awareness for current affairs around the world. During the Lenten period we are doing a fundraiser called Hope for Happy Feet, we raise money for the children in Vietnam and the money we raise buys pair’s of shoes and socks, One  pair costs $5.00!


hello everyone,

Today I put a photo of this book on my blog because it is my favourite book of all time. It is a great book about a boy who went on a journey to try and stay alive find work and to find a family, This book is a sad story set during World War 1 and after. I would definitely recommend this book.

Thanks for reading Mietta.

My Passion

Hello everyone,

My name is Mietta. I am passionate about Irish dancing. My passion started when I was at the national championships with my cousins, when I was about seven. I love Irish dancing because of the step’s, foot work, shoes, dresses, technique and people involved. One of my dreams is to compete in a different country. One thing I find hard is to get my feet fully crossed over. One of my biggest achievements was when I won my first competition.