Week 5 term 3

During this week, the Hawthorn football came back, We learnt about what football players diets and nutrition and how they keep themselves fit. We also learnt some skills like Hand balling,  Goal kicking and how to mark a ball (marking is catching the ball with out it bouncing).

We also learnt about commas  and how they are used, I learnt That commas separate parts of sentences, or make a short pause in a long sentence, I also learnt That the last item in a list is usually joined with ‘and’ instead of a comma.

In maths we were learning about decimals again, We learnt about a new thing called a Decimat. A Decimat is a box of one whole Broken up into 9 10 tenths, 9 hundredths and 10 thousandths we played lots of games and did lots of activities.

We have also been continuing our inquiry, The topic we are working on is Energy, I am looking at the form Bio energy. I am working in a group with one other person. Towards the end of the term we are having a big expo, this means everyone will have a big display, on my display we will have a model, smore, poster and an experiment.  Printdecimathawks


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