week 6 Reflection

This week we have been working on art responses for book week. The books we read were The Stone Lion & Scary Night. We have responded by sketching The Stone Lion and telling people about what we learnt from the story, I learnt that you should always help others even if no one likes you and no one is going to reward you for it, I also learnt that to have friends you must always be kind, loving & have courage. This book tells a great life story and a great life lesson.

The other book we read was Scary Night. Scary night is a great story book  about 3 friends, Hare with a Hat, Cat with a Cake & Pig with a Parcel, going on a journey somewhere through the night. This book shows that friendship means everything. Our art response for this book was to recreate a page from the book by painting and using paper to create hills and make trees, a moon & the characters. From this book i learnt how to do different affects and strategies in art, The things we painted with were chux, corks & paintbrushes we also just randomly ripped the paper to make hill shapes. The way we used the cork was by stamping and mounuvering it in different ways, We used the chux by stamping and dabing it on our paper.

This week we have also decimals we have been focusing on rounding off and adding and Subtracting. This week I have mainly revised how to do these things. The biggest thing to remember while adding and subtracting is the decimal point always stays the SAME.

the stone liondecimal_place_value_chart-to_the_thousandthsscarynight

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