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Our expo!

On Tuesday at our school we showed our Inquiry to all of our parents, friends and family. My group was talking about Bio Energy. We had lot s of people come and visit our display. All of the groups had to have an experiment, My experiment was an electro magnet. Some other people’s topics were hydro power, coal, nuclear, renewable, gas, wind, solar power, potential energy, oil and geothermal. We had been working on our inquiry for about 6 weeks and every body learnt something new. We presented our work to the rest of the school, Once we had seen the rest of the 5/6s work, we had to do a task called a jigsaw puzzle. On our jigsaw puzzle every piece was talking about a different energy source.

On the night of the expo my group had a model of a bio-gas plant, a smore, an experiment, the 6 biomass resources and a did you know box.

I learnt that Bio Energy is made from biomass and it is a renewable resource. In Australia there are 139 bio gas stations:

  • QLD = 43
  • NSW = 37
  • VIC = 28
  • WA = 15
  • SA = 8
  • TAS = 4
  • ACT = 3
  • NT = 1

There are 6 main biomass resources:

  1. Sewage
  2.  Animal residues
  3. Industrial residues
  4. Agricultural crops and residues
  5. Municipal solid waste
  6. Forestry crops and residues


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